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About the illustrators

All illustrations have been developed in close collaboration between the illustrators and the authors. The two primary illustrators Anne Langdalen and Kari C. Toverud are presented below. In addition, the book includes illustrations by Anne Lene Aase, William Hamilton and Jan-Kåre Øien.

Anne Langdalen  
Name   Anne Langdalen
Position   Illustrator/Graphic designer
Education   Bachelor of fine arts. Courses in anatomy and physiology at university level.
Anne Langdalen has illustrated several medical journals and numerous textbooks in natural sciences and in biology, including a 5 volume Medical Encyclopedia.
Kari C. Toverud  
Name   Kari C. Toverud
Position   Certified Medical Illustrator (C.M.I.)
Education   Master of science in medical illustration (Geogia Health Science University in Augusta, GA, USA), and Bachelor of Arts (Macalester College in St. Paul, MN, USA).
Kari C. Toverud has illustrated more than 210 textbooks in medical sciences and biology. She also provides illustrations for medical journals, advertising agencies, and the international pharmaceutical industry. Kari C. Toverud has won several illustration awards.