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Frontpage, second edition
Second edition available!

Second edition available!

A new edition of the textbook "Physiology of Domestic Animals" is now available. Please contact us at for shipping schedules.

Welcome to Scandinavian Veterinary Press

We are pleased to introduce the second edition of Physiology of Domestic Animals. This textbook is primarily targeted towards students of veterinary-, animal- and agricultural sciences, but it is also well suited for university courses in general and mammalian physiology. The textbook emphasizes functional aspects of physiology. The book contains approximately 600 color illustrations, more than 3000 short, clarifying statements placed in the margin, about 2000 questions, and nearly 200 clinical examples. Physiology of Domestic animals is designed to help students develop the problem-solving skills that they will need in their future careers.

Physiology of Domestic Animals, when it was first published in 2003, presented domestic animal physiology in a new manner. The second edition is comprehensively revised to encompass recent progress in domestic animal physiology, in addition to introducing important new tools that enhance the students' learning outcome.

We are pleased to offer the second edition of Physiology of Domestic Animals at the same price as the 2003 edition.

Physiology of Domestic Animals is currently a recommended textbook for students of veterinary- and animal physiology at universities in Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Estonia, Finland, Grenada, India, Ireland, Norway, Scotland and Sweden.